Protect your Educational Workplace Against The Rise of "Superbugs."
Liquid Health Europe Ltd.
The education sector is an important environment for young ones to be educated in a safe environment. Cleanliness is important as it creates a great learning environment for pupils and students and sets an example to those attending each day. The educational environment is where our children spend a lot of time in their early years. We all know that infection outbreaks can be rife in learning establishments especially for the young as they have not yet established their natural immunity fully. The staff working in these environments also need to be protected as infection leads to absenteeism, which is not good for the education process and can also bring these infections home and into the community. Therefore being able to minimize infections in these environments such as Norovirus becomes paramount. Goldshield®’s technology can provide assurance that the educational facility is protected to the highest standards.

Educational facilities also have kitchens, sanitary facilities, offices, gyms and even treatment rooms that require the same high standards of microbiological cleanliness as the classroom. Liquid Health products can be used to clean protect all of these facilities. This expectation is vital to the welfare of those in the education sector to minimize absenteeism due to infection which is vital to the success of the educational process and the local community.

“Cleaning alone does not kill potentially harmful microorganisms such as Norovirus the “winter vomiting” virus, which can strike at any time and can have potentially serious consequences in the classrooms.”

Most normal cleaning products do not contain any form of biocide relying on physical removal of soils and microorganisms as cleanliness is the main objective. Even if they do contain some form of biocide, none can compete with the long-lasting effect of using Goldshield® known as “residual protection”, protecting surfaces for potentially days after a single application, which is completely safe for classrooms.

Using Liquid Health will provide “peace of mind” that your educational facility is not just visibly clean but microbiologically clean as well thereby providing a safer environment. Protecting your pupils, students and staff is vital in the control of Norovirus and other harmful microbes. To combat this, Liquid Health provide a hand sanitiser that will protect hands for up to 24 hours to 14 days with a single application dependant on the type of product used and the type of surface to which it is applied.

The Liquid Health range comes in ready to use spray bottles, wipes, hand sanitisers, or in a format (concentrate) that you can make up yourself. Liquid Health is easy to use, non-toxic and does not require any changes to how you clean. Liquid Health will also provide training and after sales service if any extra help or advice is required.

Organisms Tested Against Liquid Health


Acinetobacter spp
Bacillus cereus
Burkholderia cepacia,
Clostridium difficile
Enterobacter spp
Enterococcus spp
Escherichia coli
Klebsiella pneumoniae
Listeria monocytogenes
Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Salmonella typhosa
Stapylococcus epidermidis1
Strepticoccus faecalis


Candida albicans
Saccharomyces cerevisiae


Avian Flu
Influenza A
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